About S&R

Incorporated in 1983, S&R Construction Ent has been doing business as a heavy construction general contracting firm throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts for over 28 years. Originally concentrating on utility projects for municipalities in Massachusetts during the 80’s and the 90’s, the family owned company has evolved and expanded to encompass larger scale projects with the MBTA, Mass Highway, Department of Conservation & Recreation and NHDOT. Over the years, our staff has grown from 10 key employees to approximately 60 trained professionals, each highly skilled in their respective field.

S&R Construction has recently focused on the construction of train stations designed for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority with projects ranging from new layover facilities and modernization of existing facilities to working in unison with MBTA Engineers to design/build flagship stations such as the Assembly Square station that will provide access to the new IKEA shopping center in 2014. Budgeted at 29 million dollars and tentatively scheduled to start construction in late December 2011, the Assembly Square project will continue to build over the next three years and will be the crowning jewel of the MBTA Orange Line.

Located in Somerville, MA the station has been designed with dramatic glass and stainless steel panel exteriors, expansive overhead bridges, architecturally finished concrete canopies and green living plant roof. Our niche experience with these projects has afforded S&R the expertise to develop this vacant piece of property from the ground up, into a state of the art facility. Similar projects were completed in various Massachusetts locations, such as the Ashland, Westborough and Southborough Train Stations, the City of Haverhill Train Station, the Fairmont Train Station, as well as the Uphams and Morton Streets Train Stations. Our current projects include the MBTA Four Corners Dorchester, MA Station budgeted at 19 Million dollars, Newmarket Station as well as bridges over the Neponset River on the Fairmont Line. The great success of projects such as these has allowed S&R Construction to develop a relationship with the Transit Authority that while originally founded on our ability to construct the architect’s vision on time and within budget, has grown to include a high level of quality, integrity and trust.

But MBTA projects aren’t our whole story; S&R Construction has also earned a reputation with the MA DOT for getting work done on time and on budget. Our Heavy Construction Highway/Bridge Division provides road and bridge reconstruction that meets or exceeds the tough standards set by Mass DOT specifications. S&R has successfully completed a number of projects with MA DOT, most notably the Bridge Project at Langley Road, which was awarded the Construction Management Association of America – Infrastructure Project of the Year Award in 2009.

S&R has purchased specialized equipment and thus we can offer professionally and accurately drilled shafts for the bridge work, unlike contractors that occasionally rent their equipment. S&R is one of the very few companies that owns and operates their own rotary drilling rig able to reach depths up to 150 ft. The drilling rig is also used for drilled soldier piles to install retaining walls and earth support systems. Other completed roadwork projects include a five mile stretch along Route 62 in North Reading as well as the construction of a two mile stretch through a section of Lawrence that included miles of bike paths in Peabody, Salisbury and Newburyport, MA and the rebuild of existing MA DOT Buildings and Facilities at several locations.

Our professionalism has allowed us to continue building the Company with steady and measurable growth, never losing sight of our commitment to giving our clients the quality of work that is expected of us, always with a strong focus on safety, quality and getting the work done on time. We believe and hold true to our family orientated company principals and look forward to a future of maintaining industry integrity and serving our community.